Walt Disney Records has released a soundtrack EP for the Pixar animated short Smash and Grab. The EP features the film’s original music composed by Barney Jones. The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also check out audio samples. Smash and Grab is directed by Brian Larsen, produced by David Lally and follows two antiquated robots who risk everything for freedom and for each other after years of toiling away inside the engine room of a towering locomotive. The short, which is the second title in Pixar’s SparkShorts program opened at Disney’s El Capitan Theater in January and is now available to stream on YouTube. Watch the full short after the jump.

Here’s the track list of the EP:

1. Train World (1:16)
2. Play Time (0:51)
3. Out There (2:53)
4. Get Out (0:38)
5. Showdown Robot Bromance (1:34)