Sky Germany and Bavaria Fiction have announced today that Matthias Weber is the composer of the Sky original limited series Das Boot and incorporated the classic theme from Wolfgang Petersen’s original 1981 Das Boot movie and the 1985 mini-series of the same title written by Klaus Doldinger into his score. The new show is directed by Andreas Prochaska and stars Vicky Krieps, Lizzy Caplan, Jonathan Zaccaϊ, Leonard Scheicher, Robert Stadlober, Tom Wlaschiha, Franz Dinda, Rick Okon, August Wittgenstein, Vincent Kartheiser, James D’Arcy,  Thierry Frémont, Rainer Bock and Stefan Konarske. The 8-parter is set in the fall of 1942, months the 1981 movie ended and tells the dual stories of the journey of the U-boat and the Resistance movement in La Rochelle. The Sonar Entertainment production is written by Tony Saint and Johannes W. Betz (The Tunnel) and executive produced by Moritz Polter, Oliver Vogel, Jan S. Kaiser, Marcus Ammon, Frank Jastfelder and Jenna Santoianni. Weber has previously collaborated with Prochaska on the 2014 feature The Dark Valley and on numerous other German/Austrian TV movies and shows. Das Boot is set to premiere this November on Sky in various European markets.