A soundtrack album has been released for the romantic comedy For the Love of George. The album features the songs from the movie by artists including Unsung Lilly, Lisa Brigantino, Steve Fawcett, Alex Louise, James Bowers and Dominique Pruitt. Also included is a track from the film’s original score composed by David Bertok (The Wedding Invitation). The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also listen to audio samples. For the Love of George is directed by Maria Burton and stars Nadia Jordan, Tate Donovan, Rex Lee, Shaun Sipos, Kristen Johnston and Rosanna Arquette. The movie follows a jilted British woman who comes to Los Angeles, after discovering her husband is cheating on her, with the fantasy of meeting her ultimate dream man — George Clooney. The comedy is being released on VOD and DVD today.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Happy Heart – Unsung Lilly (3:31)
2. I Gotta Find Me Somethin’ – Lisa Brigantino (2:14)
3. So Hard to Leave – Steve Fawcett (2:36)
4. Caught up in a Moment – Unsung Lilly (3:22)
5. Swan Lake in La (feat. Marco Wriedt) – David Bertok (1:28)
6. Sha La La – Alex Louise (3:21)
7. I’m Gonna Find You – Unsung Lilly (2:30)
8. Blurred Vision – James Bowers (4:50)
9. Pink Flamingos – Dominique Pruitt (5:06)
10. Steal a Lover’s Kiss – Alex Louise (3:30)
11. My Favourite Place – Unsung Lilly (3:29)
12. Poppy’s Epiphany – David Bertok (1:42)
13. Into the Night – Alex Louise (4:48)
14. Just Be – Unsung Lilly (3:51)