John Debney has joined the music team of Fox’s upcoming comedy drama The Orville and will score multiple episodes of the show created by Seth MacFarlane (TedFamily Guy) who also stars in the series alongside Adrianne Palicki, Mark Jackson, Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, J Lee, Halston Sage and Penny Johnson. As previously reportedBruce Broughton has already scored the pilot episode and composed the show’s theme (click here to listen to the track) and Joel McNeely (A Million Ways to Die in the West) is also scoring several episodes. The Orville is set 300 years in the future and tells the story of the Orville, a not-so-top-of-the-line exploratory ship in Earth’s interstellar fleet. The series will premiere on Sepember 10, 2017 on Fox. Visit the official show websie for updates.

  1. Justin says:

    Broughton did the pilot and theme. Debney will do five. McNeely will do six. Andrew Cortee will do one.

    • Larry Wilcox says:

      I hear that there’s absolutely no chance that either Bobby Brown, Philip Glass, or Marisa Tomei will be scoring this series. Not gonna happen. Says Glass, ” I talked with them, but I said this series needs Triads. And more Triads”. They weren’t too keen on that I guess.

  2. Cindylover1969 says:

    Sooner or later someone’s going to demand Ron Jones come on board.

    • Justin Boggan says:

      Only if the episode composers change right now. But if there is a second season, here’s my quick list of composers I’d love to see on the show:

      * Ron Jones
      * Walter Murphy (he’s never had a chance to do something like this)
      * Don Davis (he and Debney did terrific work on “SeaQuest”)
      * Bruce Babcock (his promotional CD has an orchestral symphonic work that clearly shows he can do this)
      * Peter Tomashek
      * Gerald Fried (the only living original-series “Star Trek” composer — why not offer him one? He scored last year his first film score since 1979)
      * David Bell (not just his Trek work, but his other work, such as the award nominated “Dead Man’s Walk”)
      * Jay Chattaway
      * Brian Langsbard (check out the Batman suite:

      I’m sure there are more that I am not thinking of at this moment.

      • liamdude5 says:

        All I really want is a soundtrack release in the near future.