sunset-songMilan Records has released a soundtrack album for the drama Sunset Song. The album features the film’s original music composed by Gast Waltzing (Hysteria, JCVD, House of Boys). The soundtrack is now available to download overseas. A domestic release is set for May 2016. Visit Amazon to pre-order the CD. Listen to three tracks from the album after the jump. Sunset Song is directed by Terence Davies (The Deep Blue Sea) and stars Agyness Deyn, Peter Mullan and Kevin Guthrie. The movie is based on the classic novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon and centers around a farming family struggling to eke out a living in northeast Scotland. The drama premiered at this year’s Toronto Film Festival and is being released in the UK today. Magnolia Pictures has picked up domestic distribution rights for a release in 2016.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Anxious (1:08)
2. Brother and Sister (0:49)
3. Destiny (3:04)
4. End Credits (Violin Solo) (3:47)
5. Home Again (1:15)
6. Pain Inside (0:40)
7. Leaving Brother (1:54)
8. Wayfaring Stranger (Traditional Ballad) (feat. Jennifer John) (4:20)
9. Father Beast (Outtake) (1:05)
10. Father Ill (Outtake) (1:08)
11. First Time Woman (Outtake) (0:53)
12. Killing War (Outtake) (3:29)
13. Son-Father (Outtake) (1:24)
14. Suicide Morning (Outtake) (1:18)
15. End Credits (Outtake) (3:50)

  1. Willie Douglas says:

    What has Wayfaring Stranger got to do with a Scottish farming community?
    Who was responsible for misspelling Auld Lang Syne in the closing credits.
    The cast could not even sing Auld Lang Syne properly.
    It is not “For the sake of Auld Lang Zyne”
    Willie Douglas

  2. localherofan says:

    the 19 seconds of this movie’s theme song (played on NPR’s ATC after an interview with Terence Davies) sure sounds a LOT like the riff on which Mark Knopfler built the score for Local Hero. Did Galtzing borrow from Knopfler, or did they both borrow from some ancient Scottish folk tune?

  3. Joy says:

    I would have enjoyed the movie much more if the dialogue was understandable. Dubbing would help as a great deal of the story was lost.

  4. C W Reece says:

    As someone once said, “Me thinks you complain too much!” How anyone can complain about this movie must be a city brat! This is a beautiful story about a poor farming community in Scotland…NOT NEW YORK CITY WHELPS!!!