newport-beachThis past Sunday, the Newport Beach Film Festival Seminar Series presented the composer panel Lights, Camera, Action – Music for Action Films (and other genres).  Tim Greiving moderated a panel of film composers who – challenged with the on-screen fights and explosions – offered insight into how the score works in harmony with the film’s visual elements, sound effects and getting all the elements to co-exist. Participating composers included Christophe Beck (Frozen, The Hangover) who discussed the challenges of scoring this summer’s Edge of Tomorrow directed by Doug Liman and starring Tom Cruise. Christopher Young (Spider-Man 3Entrapment) talked about his music for this year’s Chinese martial arts action movie The Monkey King, which became one the nation’s highest grossing film at the local box office. Stephen Endelman (Home of the Brave) discussed his music for the crime thriller Rob the Mob and the creative freedom that comes with scoring a film without a temp score. Michael Wandmacher (Piranha 3DMy Bloody Valentine 3D) who is also an EDM artist talked about creating hybrid scores using electronic music and orchestral elements to make it more accessible to younger audiences. Pedro Bromfman discussed scoring his first major Hollywood studio feature with this year’s RoboCop remake and his collaboration with director Jose Padhila. Check out an exclusive video of the full panel below.

  1. Justin Boggan says:

    I like Young’s attitude. And I hope he’s shaking his head “No” for the reason I was, during the mention of kids singing the “Frozen” songs.