boys-of-abu-ghraibWishing Well Pictures has released a soundtrack album for the thriller Boys of Abu Ghraib. The soundtrack features the film’s original score composed by Dan Marocco (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), as well as the original song Remember Me written the composer and performed by Patrick Josep. Also included are other songs from the film by The Broken Vibe, Audio Conduit, Mike 13 and Noyola. The album is now available to download on Amazon. Audio clips are embedded after the jump. The Boys of Abu Ghraib is written and directed by  Luke Moran who also stars in the film alongside Omid Abtahi, John Heard, Michael Welch, Elijah Kelley, John Robinson, Sara Paxton, Scott Patterson and Sean Astin. The movie  follows  a soldier from small town America to Iraq’s most infamous prison, Abu Ghraib, where he’s tasked with guarding the Army’s highest priority detainees.  Edward Zwick & Marshall Herskovitz (The Last Samurai, Legends of the Fall) are among the film’s executive producers. The thriller will be released in select theaters this Friday, March 28 by Vertical Entertainment and will be coming out on DVD on April 15.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Remember Me (feat. Patrick Joseph) (3:44)
2. No One to Set Me Free – Audio Conduit (1:26)
3. Soul Surviving – The Broken Vibes (3:57)
4. Knockout Queen – The Broken Vibes (3:31)
5. Never Again – The Broken Vibes (4:30)
6. Cold Blooded – The Broken Vibes (3:41)
7. The Answer – Mike 13 (5:19)
8. Frailty – Noyola (3:18)
9. The Hallway (2:01)
10. Young Love (2:18)
11. Welcome to Iraq (2:21)
12. Jack’s Isolation (2:54
13. A Warning (3:05)
14. No Regrets (3:59)
15. 187 More Days (1:31)
16. Blissful Dream (2:36)
17. Private Ferrell (1:37)
18. Weren’t Innocent (1:17)
19. Fourth of July (1:17)
20. Returning Home (3:15)
21. Reunited (2:06)