unfortunate-eventsNetflix has published the main titles sequence for its new original series A Series of Unfortunate Events. The title song is performed by Neil Patrick Harris, written by Nick Urata and features lyrics by Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket. Check out the full titles sequence after the jump. James Newton Howard has composed the music for the show’s first episodes and Chris Bacon is credited as the composer on several subsequent episodes. Urata was originally set to score the full season as reported last year. A Series of Unfortunate Events is based on the book series by Snicket and stars Neil Patrick Harris, Malina Weissman, Louis Hynes, Aasif Mandvi, K. Todd Freeman and Patrick Warbutton as Snicket himself. The series revolves around the Baudelaire orphans who face trials, tribulations and the evil Count Olaf in their fateful quest to unlock long-held family secrets. The first season of eight episodes will premiere tomorrow on Netflix.

  1. Thomas says:

    Please release soundtrack with score and songs

  2. Ben says:

    Yes, I hope they release a soundtrack album soon too!
    Also, Netflix, I’m waiting for the Sense8 score. We need it, come on.

  3. Justin Boggan says:

    Just a correction on the composer credits: Howard did more than the first few episodes, he did five of the episode, Bacon only did the last two, and Sven Faulconer (who has worked with Howard since 2011) did episode three.

  4. ali says:

    I hope they release a soundtrack album soon too!