alan-lazarAlan Lazar is composing the music for the upcoming Netflix original movie The Most Hated Woman in America. The film is directed by Tommy O’Haver (Get Over ItElla Enchanted) and stars Melissa Leo, Peter Fonda, Josh Lucas, Adam Scott, Juno Temple, Vincent Kartheiser, Rory Cochran, Michael Chernus, Sally Kirkland, Anna Camp and Alex Frost. The movie tells the true story of Madalyn Murray O’Hair, an American atheist activist who convinced the Supreme Court to overturn prayer in public schools and was later kidnapped and murdered by a former member of her organization along with her son and granddaughter. O’Haver has also written the screenplay with Irene Turner. Elizabeth Banks & Max Handelman (Pitch Perfect, Surrogates) and Laura Rister (Lovelace) are producing the project. Lazar has previously collaborated with O’Haver on the 2007 drama An American Crime. The Most Hated Woman in America is currently in post-production. No premiere date has been announced yet.