miss-peregrines-home-for-peculiar-childrenMatthew Margeson and Mike Higham are currently scoring the upcoming fantasy adventure Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. The score will be recorded in London within the next few weeks. The movie stars Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Ella Purnell, Allison Janney, Terence Stamp, Rupert Everett, Judi Dench and Samuel L. Jackson. The film is based on the Ransom Riggs novel and follows a teenager who finds himself transported to an island where he must help protect a group of orphans with special powers from creatures out to destroy them. Jane Goldman (X-Men: First Class, Kingsman: The Secret Service) has written the screenplay. Peter Chernin (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Oblivion, The Heat) is producing the project with Jenno Topping (SpySt. Vincent). Danny Elfman has previously scored all of Burton’s features except for the musical Sweeney Todd and  1995’s Ed Wood, which was scored by Howard Shore. Higham has previously composed additional music for Burton’s Sweeney Todd and Big Eyes and served as the music editor on several of the director’s films. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children will be released on December 25, 2016 by 20th Century Fox. Visit the official movie website for updates.

Margeson whose previous scoring credits include Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kick-Ass 2 also has the sports drama Eddie the Eagle coming up. The film will be released on February 26 by 20th Century Fox.

  1. Kalvin Koskela says:

    Did I read that right?

    MATTHEW MARGESON, the guy who’s worked on Kick-Ass 2, Kingsman, Skyline and additional arrangements for Into the Woods, is composing the score to a Tim Burton film with the music supervisor of Into the Woods, and NOT Danny Elfman, the Tim Burton regular?

    Is Danny too busy on a project or two?

  2. zzz says:

    What happened, did Tim and Danny fought again? I remember they were not speaking with each other on the early 90s, in such way that Ed Wood ended up scored by Howard Shore. So, what happened this time? Was it a budget problem? Because Margeson’s curriculum is not inspiring, and I’ve never hear abot this Higham person until today.

  3. Tor says:

    There is no joy in Mudville. Mighty Casey has struck out.

  4. Justin Boggan says:

    Elfman was supposedly too busy.

    Higham has also provided additional music for Elfman sometimes. While I didn’t find the exact connection, it appears Higham and Margeson know each other.

  5. Rob says:

    Most likely it is a Euro Passport Requirement for The Composer, Elfman being a
    U.S. Citizen.

    • Tor says:

      Alexandre Desplat
      Debbie Wiseman
      Fernando Velazquez
      Frederic Talgorn
      Tuomas Kantelinen

      Somebody’s trolling us with this and I don’t appreciate it.

  6. Mathias C. says:

    Does anyone know who did the Trailer Theme Song to this? I know its originally done by Mama C. But this version is epic!!!

  7. Jaca Pwal Adamu says:

    What a pity Danny Elfman didn’t score this. Music was ordinary and unimaginative sounded canned. An extraordinary film with an ordinary soundscore.