‘Revenge’ Soundtrack Details

Posted: August 19, 2013 by filmmusicreporter in TV Music Albums
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revengeIntrada Records will release a soundtrack album for the ABC hit drama Revenge. The album features selections from the show’s original score from the first two seasons composed by iZLER (Shameless, Natural Selection) who records his music weekly with a live orchestra. The soundtrack will be released tomorrow, August 20. Check back on this page for audio clips. For a preview of the track Requiem for Amanda, visit ABC’s Music Lounge. Revenge created by Mike Kelley stars Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe, Gabriel Mann, Henry Czerny and Ashley Madekwe. The second season will also be released this Tuesday on DVD and third season is set to premiere on September 29 and will every Sunday on ABC. For updates on the drama, visit the official show website.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Mortal Vindication (Revenge Main Theme) (2:30)
2. Lose Your Compassion (1:38)
3. Previous Investments (2:03)
4. Destiny (3:23)
5. The Wrong Amanda (Emily And Aiden Theme) (1:43)
6. Who Is The Falcon? (2:07)
7. Meet The Graysons (2:25)
8. The Christening (1:51)
9. Tyler Goes Nuts (2:03)
10. Return To The Fire And Ice Ball (1:46)
11. Don’t Say A Word (1:52)
12. The Marriage Of Jack And Fauxmanda (3:12)
13. Honor Thy Father (2:00)
14. High Tension Boating (SOS Theme Pt.1) (3:48)
15. The Sinking (SOS Theme Pt.2) (4:44)
16. Requiem For Amanda (4:56)
17. Sins Of The Mother (3:23)
18. Farewell Fauxmanda (3:25)
19. Darkness (2:39)
20. Stabbed In The Back (2:28)
21. A Farewell To Porters (2:03)
22. I Am Amanda Clarke (7:23)
23. Adagio For Emily / Let It Play (1:32)