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Premiering on Friday, November 5, is the Netflix original film Love Hard directed by Hernán Jiménez and starring Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O. Yang,  Harry Shum Jr., Darren Barnet. Mikaela Hoover, James Saito, Rebecca Staab, Matty Finochio and Heather McMahan. The movie’s original score is composed by Mark Orton (Nebraska, The Good Girl, 12 Mighty Orphans, My Old […]

Mark Orton (Nebraska, The Good Girl, The Last Shift, People Places Things) has been hired to score the upcoming Netflix original film Love Hard. The movie is directed by Hernán Jiménez and stars Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O. Yang, Darren Barnet. Harry Shum Jr., Mikaela Hoover, James Saito and Heather McMahan. The romantic comedy revolves around […]