WaterTower Music has released a soundtrack album for the Max orginal animated series Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake. The album features selections of the original score from the show’s first season composed by Amanda Jones (Naomi, Somebody Somewhere, The Perfect Find, Young Love, Good Trouble, Moving OnSuper/Natural). Also included are the songs from Season 1 written by Rebecca Sugar, Zuzu, Kurran Karbal, Half Shy, Joshua Kauffman, Pat McHale and Jones herself. Visit Amazon or any other major digital music services to stream/download the soundtrack. Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake is developed by Adam Muto based on characters from the Adventure Time franchise and stars Madeleine Martin, Roz Ryan, Andrew Rannells, Tom Kenny, Donald Glover, Sean Rohani and Kayleigh Mckee. The Cartoon Network Studios production set in the land of Ooo follows the alternate universe versions of Finn & Jake on a multiverse-hopping journey towards self-discovery. The series premiered over the last couple of weeks with the final two episodes debuting today.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Main Title (0:33)
2. Fionna and Cake Fight Back (1:21)
3. Not Myself (feat. Zuzu) (1:00)
4. Finn to the Rescue (3:19)
5. Part of the Madness (feat. Rebecca Sugar) (2:14)
6. Finn and Jake Push Through It (1:21)
7. Cake on the Loose (feat. Roz Ryan) (1:52)
8. Prismo the Wishmaker (2:49)
9. Winter Wonder World (feat. Tom Kenny & Brian David Gilbert) (2:10)
10. Baked with Love (feat. Hynden Walch & Brian David Gilbert) (1:21)
11. Vampire World (3:47)
12. Everything in You (feat. Half Shy) (2:24)
13. Jerryworld (1:59)
14. Casper and Nova (3:10)
15. Fionna and Cake Win (2:46)
16. Fionna’s Wish (1:28)

  1. liamdude5 says:

    I heard rumors Brian Tyler also worked on this soundtrack. Can anybody confirm or deny this?