Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans (Ozark, The Outsider, Enemy, The Staircase, The GiftBoy Erased) have recently scored the new Netflix documentary series Encounters. The show is directed by Yon Motskin (Generation Hustle) and explores four stories of encounters with otherworldly phenomena: strange lights in the sky over small-town in Texas, an alien encounter with schoolchildren in Zimbabwe, submersible space crafts haunting a coastal Welsh village and non-human intelligence  interfering with a nuclear power plant in Japan. Motskin is also executive producing the project with Amblin Television’s Darryl Frank & Justin Falvey (The Americans, Falling Skies), Boardwalk Pictures’ Andrew Fried, Jordan Wynn & Dane Lillegard (Welcome to Wrexham, We Need to Talk About Cosby) and Vice Studios’ Andrew Freston (Bama Rush), Danny Gabai (The Report, Lords of Chaos), Derek Mead and Jason Koebler. Encounters is premiering today exclusively on Netflix.

Bensi’s & Jurriaans’ other recent/upcoming television scoring projects include FX’s A Murder at the End of the World (to premiere on November 14) and the second half of the eighth and final season of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, which will debut on October 22.