Republic Records has released a soundtrack album for the Netflix original animated film The Casagrandes Movie. The album features the original score from the Nickelodeon Animation Studios production composed by Marcelo Treviño (The Last Kids on Earth). The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon and any other major digital music services. Also listen to the composer’s title track after the jump. The Casagrandes Movie is directed by Miguel Puga and features the voices of Izabella Alvarez, Sumalee Montano, Paulina Chávez, Angélica Aragón, Sonia Manzano, Kate del Castillo, Carlos PenaVega, Alex Cazares, Carlos Alazraqui, Leah Mei Gold, Rubén Garfias and Alexa PenaVega. The animated comedy based on Nickelodeon’s The Casagrandes animated series follows 12-year-old Ronnie Anne as he accidentally frees a demigod trapped in a mountain on a birthday trip to Mexico, and needs her family’s help to set things right. The movie premiered this past March and is now available to stream on Netflix.

Here’s the album track list:

1. 800 Years Ago / Tweenage Dreams (2:06)
2. No More God Talk! (1:18)
3. Grounding Punguari / The Casagrandes Title (1:59)
4. Summer of 12 / Extreme Eddies! (1:40)
5. Surprise Burst / Happy Birthday! (1:14)
6. Birthday Chair with a Spontaneous Trip (1:26)
7. Adios Summer Plans and Hello México (1:03)
8. Maria’s Itinerary / Ay mi Ojo! (1:07)
9. Bienvenidos a Japunda / Festival of the New Fire (1:39)
10. Mamá Lupe’s Boat / The Hacienda (2:27)
11. The Legend of Punguari (1:24)
12. La Casa Grande / The Fireball Suite (2:06)
13. Chancla Therapy / Live, Laugh, Chancla Warriors! (2:33)
14. I’m Right Behind You / The Mask of Many Faces (2:03)
15. I Told You That Mirror Was Magic / Adventure Recap (1:39)
16. The Viejitos Plan (0:54)
17. What’s Ucumu? (2:36)
18. Don’t Forget Where You Parked! (0:48)
19. Punguari Learns the Truth (1:58)
20. Goddess of Redemption / Saving Maria (2:17)
21. Anne’s Rally / Rise of Ucumu (2:59)
22. La Giant Chancla / La Llama Sagrada / La Flyby (3:02)
23. Attack of the Ucumis / Familia Battle (1:43)
24. Channel Your Inner Chancla Warrior (2:07)
25. Nobody Messes with My Summer of 12! (1:49)
26. Mothers and Daughters (1:25)
27. Punguari’s Temple / Our Daughter (2:02)
28. The Festival of the New Fire / Reunion of the Gods (2:47)