Milan Records will release the official soundtrack album for the British biographical drama The Electrical Life of Louis Wain. The album features the film’s original music composed by Arthur Sharpe (Guilt, Flowers, Ghosts, Black Pond, The Darkest Universe). The soundtrack will be released digitally on November 5. A first track (Electricity) will already be coming out tomorrow. Listen to the track below and visit Amazon┬áto pre-order the album. The Electrical Life of Louis Wain is co-written and directed by Will Sharpe and stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Claire Foy, Andrea Riseborough and Toby Jones. The movie is set in Victorian London n the early 1900s and tells the true story of eccentric British artist Louis Wain, whose playful, psychedelic pictures transformed the public’s perception of cats forever. The drama premiered at this year’s Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals and is being released in select theaters this weekend before making its debut on November 5 on Amazon Prime.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Electricity (2:38)
2. Wain’s World (1:15)
3. Miss Richardson Dines (2:03)
4. Caroline’s Rock (1:00)
5. Romantic Life (2:53)
6. A Levity in Love (2:24)
7. Young Louis (2:15)
8. I’m a Woman (1:24)
9. Elizabeth Terrace (2:52)
10. Bendigo Boxing (1:33)
11. Precious Weeks (3:26)
12. Golfing (1:14)
13. A Kittens’ Christmas Party (1:49)
14. Emily’s Shawl (1:53)
15. Popular Wain (3:08)
16. Wain’s World II (Bendigo Lodge) (1:35)
17. An Extraordinary New Discovery (2:58)
18. NYC (Electric Jungle) (1:24)
19. Onwards but Where (2:32)
20. Ocean Liner (3:17)
21. Electric Wain (2:40)
22. Kaleidoscope Cats (3:12)
23. The Louis Wain Fund (3:03)
24. The Electrical Life of Louis Wain (2:56)
25. Epilogue (2:17)