Wave Theory Records has released a soundtrack album for the BBC mini-series Man in an Orange Shirt. The album features the show’s original music composed by Dan Jones (On Chesil BeachShadow of the Empire, Lady Macbeth, Any Human Heart, World on Fire) and performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon and other digital music services. Man in an Orange Shirt is written by Patrick Gale, directed by Michael Samuels and stars Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Julian Morris, James McArdle, Joanna Vanderham, David Gyasi and Vanessa Redgrave. The 2-parter tells the story of two challenging love stories from very different generations of a family, in the 1940s and in 2017. The drama premiered in the UK in 2017 on BBC Two and in the U.S. on PBS in 2018 and is now available to stream here.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Title Theme (0:46)
2. Whistful Thinking (1:31)
3. First Kiss (1:25)
4. Trip to the Countryside (3:19)
5. Declaration of Love (2:13)
6. Flora’s Doubts (1:21)
7. Broken Man (1:36)
8. Steady State (1:50)
9. The Painting (1:59)
10. Or Forever Hold His Peace (1:35)
11. New Normal (0:59)
12. Trapped (1:43)
13. Guilty Pleasures (2:05)
14. Back to Work (1:12)
15. The Missing Waltz (1:34)
16. Sunrise (1:25)
17. Goodbye Thomas (2:27)

  1. So glad this has been released. I loved the series and thought the music was so beautiful. It captured each scene perfectly and was so moving. I bought the DVD so I could listen to the music again! At the time it came out on the TV I enquired with the BBC as to how I could get a copy of the soundtrack and was told it was not available. Well worth the wait. Thanks so much