Universal Music China & Go East Music Entertainment will release a soundtrack album for the Chinese war epic The Eight Hundred. The album features the film’s original music composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Hacksaw Ridge, The Legend of Tarzan) who provided the main theme and Andrew Kawczynski (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sky Hunter, The Corrupted) who composed the original score. Also included is the song Remembering (in two different versions) based on the traditional Irish folk tune Londonderry Air performed by tenor Andrea Bocelli and Chinese pop star Na Ying. The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, August 21 and will be available to stream on Amazon. The Eight Hundred is directed by Guan Hu and stars Yi Zhang, Chen Yao, Augusta Xu-Holland and Haoming Yu. The movie tells the story of a group of Chinese soldiers and draft dodgers in 1937 who put up a four-day defense of a Shanghai warehouse complex just as Japanese forces are overwhelming China. The drama is being released in Chinese theaters this week and will arrive in select U.S. theaters next Friday, August 28.

Here’s the album track list:

1. When I Turn To Dust (2:47)
2. Great City in Ruins (2:47)
3. Day 1 (4:50)
4. White Horse (1:49)
5. Imminent Danger (3:09)
6. Overstepped Bounderies (5:28)
7. Day 2 (4:10)
8. True Heroes (5:35)
9. Day 3 (4:01)
10. True Gold Fears No Fire (4:38)
11. A Vision (2:49)
12. Day 4 (4:54)
13. Politics of War (3:58)
14. The World Is Watching Us (3:11)
15. Before The Dawn (3:31)
16. Take Cover (6:47)
17. Last Stand (2:34)
18. You Will See My Smile (2:36)
19. Remembering (Chinese Version) – Andrea Bocelli & Na Ying (4:50)
20. Remembering (International Version) – Andrea Bocelli & Na Ying (4:51)