Notefornote Music has announced soundtrack album for the documentary Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street. The album features the film’s original music composed by Alexander Taylor (Hunter’s Moon, Animal Among Us). Also included is the song Split Second by Skeleton Head. A limited edition CD version is now available to order on the label’s official website. The soundtrack is also available digitally on Amazon and other digital music stores. Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street is directed by Roman Chimienti & Tyler Jensen and sets the records straight about the controversial sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street, which ended Mark Patton’s acting career, just as it was about to begin. The documentary, which premiered at last year’s Fantastic Fest, opened in select theaters this past February and is now also available on VOD and DVD. Visit the official movie website to learn more about the film.

Here’s the album track list:

1. The Fortune Teller’s Tree (2:39)
2. Scream, Queen! (1:28)
3. Behind the Glass Veil (1:05)
4. Be a Good Whore (2:14)
5. Freddy Krueger Is Just a Phone Call Away (1:10)
6. A Whole Lotta Gay (0:46)
7. Private Detective (2:36)
8. The Greta Garbo of Horror (2:06)
9. Freddy Goes to Hollywood (2:38)
10. Divine Youth (3:46)
11. Childhood (4:08)
12. Christopher Street (1:40)
13. Five Years in Thirty Minutes (1:29)
14. Cher Struck (1:50)
15. The House on Mulholland Highway (2:18)
16. Waiting for the Check (1:58)
17. The Glove (1:52)
18. Double Life (2:30)
19. The Waiting Dead (2:17)
20. Funerals (1:20)
21. They Broke Me (3:02)
22. Dark Nights of the Soul (2:26)
23. Rules Don’t Apply (4:08)
24. Reunion (2:22)
25. A Sholder to Cry on (2:24)
26. Lone Cold Walk (2:03)
27. Confrontation (2:08)
28. People Like Me (3:27)
29. New Generation (1:35)
30. Split Second (Gritar Mix) – Skeleton Head (2:40)