Milan Records has released the second soundtrack album for the National Geographic docu-series Hostile Planet. The album features more music from the show composed by Benjamin Wallfisch (ItShazam!Blade Runner 2049Hidden FiguresHellboy). The Vol. 2 album, entitled Jungles and Grasslands, is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also check out audio samples. The first album (Mountains and Oceans) was released earlier this month and a third album (Deserts and Polar) will be coming out next month. Hostile Planet hosted by Bear Grylls and executive produced by Guillermo Navarro looks at animals surviving at the extremes of different environments, in mountains, oceans, grasslands, jungles, deserts, and polar regions. The 6-part series currently airs Monday nights on National Geographic. Visit the official show website for more information.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Jungle Canopy (2:29)
2. Booted Rocket Tail (3:56)
3. Electric Storm (2:21)
4. Bending Branches (1:55)
5. Flooded Forest (4:21)
6. Jaguar Hunt (3:39)
7. Elephant Wisdom (1:04)
8. Bison v Wolves (4:35)
9. Mega Herd (5:41)
10. Trees v Cordyceps (6:06)
11. Fires (3:43)
12. Wiser To the World (1:48)