Premiering on Friday, February 22 is the Netflix original movie Paddleton co-written and directed by Alex Lehmann and starring Mark Duplass, Ray Romano, Ravi Patel and Christine Woods. The film’s original music is composed by Julian Wass (Hit and RunThe Miseducation of Cameron Post, Room 104, Insatiable, The Overnight). Check out our scoring assignment announcement to learn more about the film, which premiered last month at the Sundance Film Festival and will be available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

Also premiering on Friday in the U.S. is the Spanish drama The Photographer of Mauthausen (El fotografo de Mauthausen) directed by Mar Targarona and starring Mario Casas, Richard van Weyden and Alain Hernández. Diego Navarro (Capture the Flag, Mimesis) has composed the film’s original music. Rosetta Records has released a soundtrack album last fall when the movie opened overseas. Visit Amazon to download the album. The movie, which follows a Catalán prisoner at a Nazi concentration camp who uses his office job to steal photo negatives of the atrocities committed there, will be available to stream stateside exclusively on Netflix.

Another movie premiering on Friday is the French Netflix original movie Paris Is Us (Paris est à nous) co-written and directed by Elisabeth Vogler and starring Noémie Schmidt, Grégoire Isvarine and Marie Mottet. Jean-Charles Bastion has composed the film’s original music. A soundtrack album featuring the composer’s music is expected to be released next Friday by Milan Records. Check back on this page for the full album details. The drama will be available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

Premiering on Saturday, February 23, is the indie drama O.G. directed by  Madeleine Sackler and starring Jeffrey Wright, Theothus Carter, Mare Winningham, Boyd Holbrook, William Fichtner and David Patrick Kelly. Nathaniel Mechaly (Taken, Colombiana, The Grandmaster) has composed the film’s original music. The drama, which centers on a maximum-security prison inmate whose impending release is upended when he takes a new arrival under his wing, premiered at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival and is premiering exclusively on HBO. Visit the official movie website and our previous news article for more details.

Missing from last week’s TV music roundup was the new DC Universe original series Doom Patrol developed by Jeremy Carver and starring Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, April Bowlby, Diane Guerrero, Joivan Wade, Alan Tudyk and Timothy Dalton. The show’s original music is composed by Clint Mansell (Requiem for a DreamBlack SwanMoonThe Fountain) and Kevin Kiner (Star Wars RebelsNarcos: MexicoStar Wars: The Clone Wars). Click here to learn more about the series, which premieres exclusively on the DC Universe streaming platform.

Also missing from last week’s roundup was the new Fox drama Proven Innocent created by David Elliot, executive produced by Danny Strong and starring Rachelle Lefevre, Russell Hornsby, Vincent Kartheiser, Riley Smith, Kelsey Grammer, Nikki M. James and Clare O’Connor. Bear McCreary (10 Cloverfield LaneThe Walking DeadBattlestar GalacticaOutlanderHappy Death Day) is composing the show’s original music. Check out our previous article for more information about the show, which airs Friday nights on Fox.