Christopher Young (Spider-Man 3HellraiserThe Exorcism of Emily RoseDrag Me to Hell) is attached to compose the music for the upcoming animated feature NEW-GEN: Deadalus Rising. The film directed by J.D. Matonti is based on the NEW-GEN comic book series created by the Matonti brothers & Julia Coppola and distributed through Marvel. The movie follows twin brothers, Chris and Sean, who have extraordinary abilities which have made them outcasts on their adopted home planet of Earth. With the guidance from their friend Carmen, they come to realize their true origins are in NEW-GEN, a Utopian world that exists in another dimension. Chris Matonti is producing the project. No word yet on a release date for NEW-GEN: Deadalus Rising.

  1. Justin says:

    He’s been attached officially as the composer since the film was announced back in 2011. If this thing gets completed, I wonder if Young will be available once the time comes.