‘Felony’ Soundtrack Released

Posted: October 14, 2014 by filmmusicreporter in Film Music Albums
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felonyVarese Sarabande has released a soundtrack album for the indie thriller Felony. The album features the film’s original music composed by Bryony Marks (Noise, Dance Academy). The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also listen to audio clips. Felony is directed by Matthew Saville and stars Tom Wilkinson, Joel Edgerton, Jai Courtney and Melissa George. The movie follows three male detectives who become embroiled in a tense struggle after a tragic accident that leaves a child in a coma. Edgerton has also written the screenplay for the Australian/U.S. co-production. The thriller premiered at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival and will be released in select cities this Friday, October 17 by Gravitas Ventures.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Mirror (0:27)
2. Witness (5:58)
3. Bye Dad (1:21)
4. Cat And Mouse (6:21)
5. The Band (4:54)
6. Not You (1:14)
7. Losing It (1:22)
8. Live With This (1:32)
9. Jim And Ankhila (1:45)
10. You Made Me This (1:12)
11. Fight (1:17)
12. Next (13:46)