imageVarese Sarabande will release a soundtrack album for the horror spoof sequel A Haunted House 2. The album features the original end title track Amped to 12 by Shinobi Ninja, written specifically for the film, as well as the hip hop and rock songs from the movie by Sean Harris & Saint Maurice, Dula & Khalifa feat. Khat, Mazen, Soundwell feat. Dula and Markie Jay, Tyler Thomas, G4SHI, The Upperclass Men and Venom feat. Chris Classic. Also included are two tracks from the film’s original score composed by Jesse Voccia. The soundtrack will be released digitally on April 15, 2014 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. A Haunted House 2 is directed by Michael Tiddes and stars Marlon Wayans, Jaime Pressly, Essence Atkins, Gabriel Iglesias, Missi Pyle, Ashley Rickards, Affion Crockett and Cedric The Entertainer. The sequel follows Malcolm who, after exorcising the demons of his ex, is once again plagued by bizarre paranormal events after moving into his dream home with his girlfriend and her children. The comedy will be released nationwide on April 18 by Open Road Films. For updates on the film, visit the official movie website.

Here’s the album track list:

1. The Bedeviled Batch – Jessie Voccia (Score)
2. Amped To 12 – Shinobi Ninja
3. Concern… – Sean Harris & Saint Maurice
4. 80 Bitches – Dula & Khalifa (feat. Khat)
5. Turn It Up – Chris Classic (feat. Venom)
6. Wanna Fly – Tyler Thomas
7. Backstage Pass – Sean Harris & Saint Maurice
8. Laughing – G4SHI
9. To The World – Mazen
10. Rock Star – Soundwell (feat. Dula and Markie Jay)
11. Chuck Norris – The Upperclass Men
12. Frightful Finale – Jessie Voccia (Score)

  1. While she sleeps ft Oliver sykes silence speaks