into-the-westParamount Music and La-La Land Records will release a soundtrack album for the mini-series Into the West. The album features the Emmy Award-winning score composed by Geoff Zanelli (Disturbia, The Odd Life of Timothy Green). Paramount Music will distribute the digital version of the soundtrack, with La-La Land Records handling the physical release. The 2-disc album will be released on June 18, 2013. Into the West produced by DreamWorks Television and Steven Spielberg chronicles the struggles, heartache and conquests of two families in 19th century America. The project’s cast includes such actors as Josh Brolin, Keri Russell, Skeet Ulrich, Balthazar Getty, Matthew Modine, Beau Bridges, Sean Astin, Lance Henriksen, Rachael Leigh Cook and Keith Carradine. The mini-series received a total of 16 Emmy nominations in 2006 and is now available on DVD.

Here’s the track list of the album:

Disc 1:
1. Into The West
2. Buffalo Run
3. Growling Bear’s Vision
4. Wheelerton
5. Hunting The Buffalo
6. The Path of Old Tradition
7. Jacob Joins Jedediah Smith
8. The Beauty of the American Frontier
9. Sundance
10. Growling Bear Appears
11. Shootout with Johnny Fox
12. Meteor Shower
13. Jacob and Thunderheart Woman
14. Much to Learn From Each Other
15. The Wheel and the Sunset
16. Naming Jacob’s Baby
17. The Lakota, A Peaceful Nation
18. Leah Drowns
19. Outgunned
20. Gangrene
21. Crossing the River
22. The Arduous Climb
23. Leaving Jacob Behind
24. Running Fox Returns to Dogstar

Disc 2:
1. Dreams and Schemes
2. Gold Fever
3. The Mother Lode
4. San Francisco, 1850
5. Gathering of Nations — The Treaty of Fort Laramie
6. Drowning Jethro
7. Quantrill’s Raiders
8. Photography
9. The Sand Creek Massacre
10. Aftermath at Sand Creek
11. Jacob Jr.’s Letter Home
12. The Trans-Continental Railroad
13. Spirit
14. Preserving Lakota History
15. An Uncertain Future
16. Leaving the School
17. Ghost Dance
18. Rations
19. Margaret Light Shines with the Children
20. Wheeler Reunion, 1890
21. Seeing the Buffalo
22. Merry Christmas
23. In The Wake of Sitting Bull’s Death
24. Disarmed
25. Caring for the Wounded
26. After Wounded Knee
27. The Tribe Moves On