mumoproductionsMusic and Motion Productions, co-owned by composer¬†Lucas Vidal and his business partner Steve Dzialowski, has recently moved into its new studio facilities in Venice, California. The company’s studio complex, which was previously the home of Harry Gregson-Williams, located in walking distance from the beach, has been remodeled for the past two months and houses half a dozen composition rooms, as well as live recording and meeting spaces and a rooftop patio. Check out an exclusive video tour of the studio accompanied by an original music composition written by Vidal after the jump. The composer whose credits include such films as The Raven, The Cold Light of Day and the upcoming Hammer Films production¬†The Quiet Ones is currently working on a major studio feature film project, which will be announced within the next couple of weeks. Music and Motion Productions specializes in music for motion pictures, commercials, video games & ballet and handles the entire spectrum of musical needs, from music supervision to original score. Check out the official company website for more information.

  1. allan kassin says:

    great video. love the music!

  2. david franco says:

    even better in real. congrats Lucas

  3. Hellen Garst says:

    fantastico. lots of success…

  4. Williams85 says:

    Wonder if HGW sold or leased the building to Lucas, while he went back to the UK for a spell?

  5. Kevin Doucette says:

    The future of film music…. oscar scores will be made here

  6. Dad says:

    Excellent synth on the vioiins, Peter Brown! Great job!