Premiering on Wednesday, May 29, is the Hulu documentary series Camden directed by Asif Kapadia and executive produced by Dua Lipa, Dukagjin Lipa, Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn, Suzanne Lavery, Nick Shymansky, Jasper Waller-Bridge and Ben Friedman. The show’s original score is composed by Toydrum (Slow Horses, DetourPrevengeThree Pines, Platform 7, The BanishingFuture WorldSweetheart). The Lightbox production, which reveals the untold stories of how the lives and careers of some of the world’s most iconic artists were influenced by this corner of London, is premiering in the U.S. on Hulu and in most international markets on Disney+.

Also premiering on Wednesday is the HBO original documentary Moviepass, Moviecrash directed by Muta’Ali about the rise and implosion of the theatrical movie subscription app as told through the eyes of the visionary co-founders. Max Aruj (Crawl, The Old Guard 2, The Ice Road, iBoy, The TankMech CadetsLansky) has composed the film’s original music. Check out our previous news article for more information about the movie, which premiered at this year’s SXSW Film Festival and will also be available to stream on Max.

Premiering on Thursday, May 30, is the Netflix limited series Eric created by Abi Morgan and starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Gaby Hoffmann, Clarke Peters, McKinley Belcher III, Dan Fogler, Jeff Hephner, David Denman, Ivan Morris Howe, Wade Allain-Marcus and Bamar Kan. The show’s original music is composed by Keefus Ciancia (Killing EveTrue Detective, London SpyGreat Expectations, Diana, Made for Love, The Fall, The Motel Life). A soundtrack album featuring the composer’s score will be announced soon. Check back on this page for the full album details and visit our scoring assignment announcement to learn more about the 6-parter, which will be available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

Also premiering on Thursday is the British Netflix original series Geek Girl created by Holly Smale & Jessica Ruston based on Smale’s novel of the same title and starring Emily Carey, Emmanuel Imani, Liam Woodrum, Tim Downie, James Murray, Jemima Rooper, Sarah Parish and Rochelle Harrington. Nikhil Seetharam (Children Ruin Everything, Utopia Falls) has composed the show’s original music. The comedy drama, which revolves around an awkward teen who has always wanted to fit in and gets scouted by a top London model agent and learns that some people are meant to stand out, will also be available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

Premiering on Friday, May 31, is the drama The Great Lillian Hall directed by Michael Cristofer and starring Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Pierce Brosnan, Lily Rabe and Jesse Williams. The film’s original music is composed by Mac Quayle (Mr. Robot, Leave the World Behind, American Horror Story, Feud: Betty and JoanAmerican Crime Story, Ratched, The Politician). Check out our previous article for more information about the movie, which will premiere on HBO and will also be available to stream on Max.

Premiering in the U.S. on Friday is the British TV series The Famous Five based on Enid Blyton’s bestselling novels, executive produced by Nicolas Winding Refn and starring Diaana Babnicova, Elliott Rose, Kit Rakusen, James Lance, Flora Jacoby Richardson and Ann Aknjirin. Ben Pearson (The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe) and Julian Winding (Copenhagen Cowboy) have composed the show’s original music. The 6-parter, which follows five daring young explorers as they encounter treacherous, adventures, remarkable mysteries & astounding secrets, premiered in the UK last year on CBBC and is making its U.S. debut on Hulu.