Max Aruj (CrawlThe Ice Road, The Tank, iBoy, Mech Cadets, Lansky) is the composer of the upcoming documentary MoviePass, MovieCrash. The film is directed by Muta’Ali (Cassius X: Becoming Ali) and chronicles the origin story, meteoric rise and implosion of the titular theatrical movie subscription app as told through the eyes of the visionary co-founders. The movie details the challenges they faced in building the pop culture phenomenon, only to eventually find themselves cast aside as new executives seized control and havoc ensued. Mark Wahlberg & Stephen Levinson (Entourage, Lone Survivor) are producing the project with Archie Gips (McMillions, Wahl Street), Scott Veltri, Jack Heller (Dragged Across Concrete, Bone Tomahawk) and David Wendell. MoviePass, MovieCrash will premiere at this year’s SXSW Film Festival and is expected to debut later this year on HBO.

As previously reported, Aruj also has the Netflix film The Old Guard 2 starring (co-scored with Ruth Barrett) coming up

  1. jeffmcm says:

    Did these guys fund this movie as PR for themselves? Because they seemed to be idiots as well as the people who took control of the company after them.