Armand Amar (The ConcertMia and the White Lion, Days of Glory, A Bag of Marbles, The Wolf and the LionThe Source, Belle & Sebastian) has recently scored the upcoming romantic drama Black Tea. The film is directed by Abderrahmane Sissako (Timbuktu) and stars Nina Mélo, Chang Han, Wu Ke-Xi and Michael Chang. The movie follows a young Ivorian woman in her early thirties who – after saying “no” on her wedding day – emigrates to China, when she works in a tea export shop and falls in love with a 45-year-old Chinese man. Sissako also co-wrote the screenplay with Kessen Fatoumata Tall who is producing Gaumont production with David Gauquié (Falcon Lake, Memoir of War), Julien Derys (Between Two Worlds, Meander), Denis Freyd (Young Ahmed, Tori and Lokita), Jean-Luc Ormières (Adieu Paris) and Charles S. Cohen (The Insult, Just Like a Woman). Black Tea will premiere next week at the 2024 Berlin Film Festival before opening in French theaters on February 28.

Armar’s other recent projects include Gilles de Maistre’s Autumn and the Black Jaguar</em> and Jean-Michel Betrand’s Living with Wolves, which both opened in theaters overseas in recent weeks.