Long Distance has released a soundtrack album for the family adventure Autumn and the Black Jaguar (Le dernier jaguar). The album features the film’s original music composed by Armand Amar (The ConcertMia and the White Lion, The Wolf and the Lion A Bag of Marbles, The SourceThe History of Love, Belle & Sebastian). Visit Amazon or any other major digital music services to stream/download the soundtrack. Also listen to the composer’s first track (The Black Jaguar) below. Autumn and the Black Jaguar is directed by Gilles de Maistre and stars Lumi Pollack, Emily Bett Rickards and Paul Greene. The movie follows a girl who grew with a lost jaguar cub in the Amazon rainforest and is now living in New York City, when she discovers her childhood village is under threat from animal traffickers and decides to return to the Amazon to save her beloved animal.The Studiocanal production was released in several European markets last weekend and is opening in French theaters this Wednesday, February 7.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. The Black Jaguar (1:49)
2. A Letter from the Amazon (1:37)
3. Photos from the Past (2:39)
4. Beyond by Feet (3:04)
5. The Wildlife (1:58)
6. Autumn Finds the Letter (1:13)
7. Escape from School (0:51)
8. Hide and Seek in the Plane (1:25)
9. Amazone (1:52)
10. Memory of the River (1:55)
11. Mysteries of the Jungle (1:16)
12. Drawing (0:55)
13. The Hut (1:26)
14. Healing Ritual (1:32)
15. Search of the Jaguar (3:07)
16. The Threat (1:19)
17. Jaguar Race (2:26)
18. EL QUE AMO (4:40)
19. The Encounter (1:25)
20. Poachers (3:10)
21. Ananconda (2:06)
22. Confidences (1:03)
23. Under the Water (1:25)
24. Autumn and Hope (1:40)
25. Rest in the Forest (5:29)
26. The Capture (3:31)
27. Revelations (1:41)
28. If They Get You (4:39)