Rob (aka Robin Coudert) (Maniac, Gretel & HanselRevenge, Other People’s Children, Run Sweetheart RunHorns) has composed the original score for the upcoming comedy drama Ex-Husbands. The film is written and directed by Noah Pritzker (Quitters) and stars Griffin Dunne, James Norton, Rosanna Arquette, Miles Heizer and Eisa Davis. The movie revolves around a New Yorker reeling from his parents’ recent divorce and his own wife leaving him, when he crashes his son’s bachelor party in Tulum and soon realizes he’s not the only family member in crisis. Bruce Cohen (American Beauty, Silver Linings Playbook), Alexandra Byer (Funny Face, Colewell) and Nicolás Celis (Roma, Prayers for the Stolen) are producing the project. Ex-Husbands is premiering today at the 2023 Sebastián International Film Festival.

Rob’s other recent projects include Just Philippot’s Acid, which just opened in French theaters earlier this month.