WaterTower Music has released a new soundtrack album for the CW musical comedy drama Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The album features the songs from the show’s fourth and final season written by Rachel Bloom, Adam Schlesinger and Jack Dolgen and performed by the series’ cast, including Bloom herself, Donna Lynne Champlin, Vincent Rodriguez III, Scott Michael Foster, Gabrielle Ruiz, Pete Gardner, Vella Lovell, Luca Padovan, Skylar Astin & others. Also included are a number of demos, as well as tracks from the show’s underscore composed by Tom Polce & Frank Ciampi and Jerome Kurtenbach. The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also check out audio samples. The label has previously released┬ámultiple soundtracks for the show’s first three seasons, as well an album for the concert special that premiered this spring.

Here’s the album track list:

1. What’s Your Story (feat. Rachel Bloom) (3:39)
2. No One Else Is Singing My Song (feat. Rachel Bloom, Vincent Rodriguez III, Scott Michael Foster) (3:25)
3. Maybe I’m Just Broken (feat. Danny Jolles) (0:38)
4. Meet Rebecca! (0:36)
5. Time To Seize The Day (feat. Rachel Bloom) (1:47)
6. The Cringe (feat. Patton Oswalt) (2:35)
7. Don’t Be A Lawyer (feat. Burl Moseley) (2:35)
8. Our Twisted Fate (feat. Adam Schlesinger) (1:38)
9. I Want To Be A Child Star (feat. Luca Padovan) (2:31)
10. One Indescribable Instant (feat. Rachel Bloom and Luca Padovan) [Reprise] (1:17)
11. The Group Mind Has Decided You’re In Love (3:43)
12. I’ve Always Never Believed In You (feat. Donna Lynne Champlin) (3:28)
13. In A Car With Someone You Don’t Want To Be Trapped In A Car With (3:18)
14. Farewell, Fair Mustache (feat. Pete Gardner) (1:01)
15. Forget It (feat. Tovah Feldshuh) (1:52)
16. How To Clean Up (feat. Pete Gardner) (0:34)
17. If You Ever Need A Favor In Fifty Years (feat. Tovah Feldshuh & Elayne Boosler) (1:15)
18. What U Missed While U Were Popular (feat. Danny Jolles) (2:18)
19. Hello, Nice To Meet You (feat. Rachel Bloom & Skylar Astin) (2:33)
20. Sports Analogies (feat. Scott Michael Foster & Vincent Rodriguez III) (2:22)
21. Hello, Nice To Meet You (feat. Rachel Bloom & Skylar Astin) [Reprise #1] (0:31)
22. Hello, Nice To Meet You (feat. Rachel Bloom) [Reprise #2] (0:54)
23. Gratuitous Karaoke Moment (feat. Scott Michael Foster & Esther Povitsky) (2:12)
24. I Hate Everything But You (feat. Skylar Astin) (2:47)
25. I’m Not Sad You’re Sad (feat. Rachel Bloom) (1:33)
26. The Darkness (feat. Rachel Bloom) (2:36)
27. Anti-Depressants Are So Not A Big Deal (3:24)
28. End Of The Movie (feat. Rachel Bloom) [Reprise] (1:23)
29. Let Me Be In Your Show (feat. Rachel Bloom, Michael McMillian, & Gabrielle Ruiz) (0:39)
30. Etta Mae’s Lament (feat. Rachel Bloom) (1:27)
31. Apple Man (feat. Michael McMillian) (1:01)
32. The Tick Tock Clock (0:37)
33. I’m The Bride Of The Pirate King (feat. Gabrielle Ruiz) (1:32)
34. Etta Mae’s Lament (feat. Scott Michael Foster) [Revised] (0:32)
35. What’ll It Be? (feat. Skylar Astin) [Reprise] (1:02)
36. The Math Of Love Quadrangles (feat. Rachel Bloom, Skylar Astin, Scott Michael Foster, & Vincent Rodriguez III) (1:02)
37. Slow Motion (feat. Rachel Bloom, Donna Lynne Champlin, Vella Lovell, & Gabrielle Ruiz) (1:57)
38. Slow Motion (feat. Rachel Bloom, Donna Lynne Champlin, Rachel Grate, Vella Lovell, & Gabrielle Ruiz) [Reprise] (1:11)
39. JAP Battle (feat. Rachel Bloom & Rachel Grate) [Reprise] (2:19)
40. Love’s Not A Game (3:15)
41. Love’s Not A Game (feat. Rachel Bloom) (0:59)
42. Eleven O’Clock (feat. Rachel Bloom) (3:44)
43. West Covina (feat. Rachel Bloom & Donna Lynne Champlin) [Final Reprise] (0:25)
44. Trapped In A Car (feat. Rachel Bloom & Jack Dolgen) [Room Demo] (3:17)
45. Eleven O’Clock Super Rough Draft (feat. Rachel Bloom & Jack Dolgen) [Demo] (2:28)
46. Hello, Nice To Meet You (feat. Rachel Bloom) [Original Demo] (2:36)
47. Josh Chan Is Single (feat. Rachel Bloom) [Demo] (1:09)
48. Sports Analogies (feat. Adam Schlesinger) [Demo] (2:08)
49. Rebecca and Josh – Jerome Kurtenbach (1:27)
50. Who Am I Inside – Tom Polce & Frank Ciampi (0:40)
51. Now We’re Doing a RomCom – Tom Polce & Frank Ciampi (1:54)
52. Rebecca and Paula – Tom Polce & Frank Ciampi (0:48)
53. Uh-oh – Tom Polce & Frank Ciampi (0:30)
54. Double Uh-Oh – Tom Polce & Frank Ciampi (0:58)
55. Now Were Doing Horror – Tom Polce & Frank Ciampi (2:20)