Notefornote Entertainment will release a soundtrack album for Justin Chon’s indie drama Ms. Purple. The album features the film’s original music composed by Roger Suen who previously scored Chon’s first feature Gook. The soundtrack will be released digitally and physically on August 23. Visit Amazon to pre-order the CD version and click here to order the digital version. Ms. Purple is written and directed by Chon and stars Tiffany Chu and Teddy Lee. The movie follows an Asian American sister and brother who were raised and are now seemingly stuck in Koreatown, Los Angeles and continue to struggle with deep emotional wounds from the difficulty of the parental dynamic. The drama premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and will be released in select theaters on September 6 by Oscilloscope Laboratories.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Casey (0:58)
2. Ms. Purple (1:01)
3. Carey (1:30)
4. Can You Take Care of My Dad (1:08)
5. Unlikely Palms (1:22)
6. Kicking Dust (1:12)
7. Do You Play Piano? (1:15)
8. Dad (1:30)
9. Too Serious (2:33)
10. Octavio (0:38)
11. Run Away Casey (0:44)
12. Union Station (0:43)
13. I’m Not Going to Leave Him (0:53)
14. Palm Trees (0:54)
15. Bathing Waltz (1:07)
16. They Reminded Me of Dad (2:17)
17. Karaoke (1:06)
18. Awake (2:05)
19. All Done (2:38)
20. Coda (2:13)