rob-the-mobLakeshore Records will release a soundtrack album for Raymond De Felitta’s crime drama Rob the Mob. The album features the film’s original music composed by Stephen Endelman (De-Lovely, Flirting with Disaster, Home of the Brave). The composer previously scored the feature Two Family House for the director who opted to edit the film in the composer’s Los Angeles studio. Endelman has also composed the end credits song Love and the Gun, which was recorded in English and Italian and is performed by New York jazz singer Tamela D’Amico. Also featured on the soundtrack are songs by Deee-Lite, Staple Singers and Wilson Pickett. The album will be released on March 18 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Check out audio clips after the jump. Rob the Mob directed by De Felitta (City Island) stars Michael Pitt, Nina Arianda, Andy Garcia, Michael Rispoli, Samira Wiley and Ray Romano. The movie tells the true-life story of a Queens couple who robbed a series of mafia social clubs and got away with it until they stumble upon a score bigger than they ever planned and become targets of both the mob and the FBI. The drama will be released on March 21 by Millennium Entertainment. For updates on the film, visit the official Facebook movie page.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. Love and the Gun
2. Groove Is In the Heart – Deee-Lite
3. City In the Sky – Staple Singers
4. Somethin’ You Got – Wilson Pickett
5. I Can Talk To My Boss
6. Flower Shop Robbery
7. Tommy Gets Out
8. Tommy Heads to the Bronx
9. Tommy Goes To Gotti Trial
10. Tommy’s Flashback
11. Big Al’s Balls of Rice
12. Why I Am Me
13. The List
14. Hey Vinnie I Got The List
15. Rosie Calls Al
16. Tommy Premonition
17. I’m Outta Here
18. Worlds Falling Apart
19. Coney Island Montage
20. Flashback
21. Chess
22. Hit Goes Down
23. Christmas Day

  1. Vee Dubb says:

    Welcome to “The FUTURE” : It is a certified tragedy of our time that meta-data has in most cases been deemed useless to the herd; such that when a song like “Christmas Day” closes a film there is very nearly NO info on it. IF Mr Endleman SANG the track he should sue someone for the unconscionable omission of that fact from ALL the available data, if he didnt its another in the sadly long line of situations where someone sang a track as close to perfect as any human could, BUT for whatever reason finding out WHO that person is is NEARLY impossible. I LOVE the song; and that love makes it HURT terribly that I cant find out WHO WHERE WHEN and WHAT ELSE by that singer. Maybe someday the “Future” will value grace and tenderness in ART as much as it values crass commerce, and the name of a singer who saved my life for a few moments today will be as easily available to me as the names of any of the many useless and despicably unmoving hacks are today…