The details of the soundtrack album for David O. Russell’s comedy drama Silver Linings Playbook have been revealed. The album features two tracks from the film’s original score composed by Danny Elfman, as well as the movie’s songs by such artists as Stevie Wonder, Alabama Shakes, alt-K, Les Paul & Mary Ford, Rare Earth and Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash. The soundtrack will be released on November 19, 2012 by Sony Masterworks and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Silver Linings Playbook starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Julia Stiles, Jacki Weaver and Chris Tucker is based on the novel by Matthew Quick and follows a former high-school teacher who returns to his family home after eight months in a mental institution and begins to slowly rebuild his life. The movie is considered to be one of the frontrunners in this year’s awards race and will be released this Thanksgiving weekend. To find out more about the film, visit the official movie website.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Silver Lining Titles – Danny Elfman
2. My Cherie Amour – Stevie Wonder
3. Always Alright – Alabama Shakes
4. Unsquare Dance- The Dave Brubeck Quartet
5. Buffalo- alt-J
6. The Moon Of Manakoora – Les Paul & Mary Ford
7. Monster Mash – CrabCorps
8. Goodnight Moon – Ambrosia Parsley & The Elegant Too
9. Now I’m A Fool – Eagles Of Death Metal
10. Walking Home – Danny Elfman
11. Girl From The North Country – Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash
12. Silver Lining – Jessie J
13. Hey Big Brother – Rare Earth
14. Maria – The Dave Brubeck Quartet

  1. chris says:

    i am searching the name of the song when they practice dancing and the black guy friend told them to dance face to face


    • helena visente says:

      “Don’t you worry bout a thing” by Stevie Wonder

  2. Dave says:

    wasnt there a Led Zeppelin song in this movie ??

    • akira says:

      Yes, “What Is and What Should Never Be”. The song starts when Tiffany slaps Pat on the street.

  3. Jackie says:

    Is the music without the words to Creep by Radiohead being played through this or is it my imagination? It wasn’t mentioned in the credits at the end and I can’t find anything in the playlist online.

    • Dan says:

      JACKIE, THANK YOU!! I’ve been **dying** because the music reminded me of … something, and it was killing me because I couldn’t figure out what.

      No, supposedly the title music of Silver Linings Playbook was written by Danny Elfman, but the influence of Radiohead’s “Creep” is soooooo obvious.

  4. Nádia says:

    Yeah! I really tought it was Radiohead too. And if it is, it fixes exceptionally well with the movie.

  5. marit says:

    im looking for a name of the song when they go for a dinner and Tiffany says that she can handle the letter for Niki. How could i find it if its not in any of the soundtrack lists and track ID cant recognize it co its too quiet there

  6. Camila Vitti says:

    The music is Lost In My Mind – The Head And The Heart

    Lovely music!!!!


  7. Marit says:

    exactly :)) thank you so much hon 🙂

  8. jemima says:

    During the credit section….what’s is the name of the song they play right after the song always alright?

  9. Mrod says:

    Im looking for the name of the song after theybare told the score for their dance, when Bradley Cooper walks towards his wife…I need the name, I have been looking for it for years

  10. Liz says:

    Im looking for the name of one song during the dance contest (while Tiffany and Pat are dancing)…maybe it is from Hives?!

    • Anton says:

      I guess you mean “Fell in Love With a Girl” by The White Stripes.

  11. akira says:

    I’m looking for the name of the song Tiffany and Danny jumped together to? The one after “Don’t you worry bout a thing”, and Danny says, “I’ve got an idea” and the scene switches to the song.

  12. akira says:

    What is the song played in Ronnie’s house when Pat comes to dinner?

  13. prachee says:

    Which song is there when second contestants are dancing !!!!!???

  14. N says:

    what does the song Buffalo really mean??