Harry Gregson-Williams has revealed in a recent interview with FSM Online that he will be scoring the upcoming remake of the sci-fi thriller Total Recall. The movie based on the Philip K. Dick short story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale is directed by Len Wiseman and stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel, Bill Nighy, John Cho and Ethan Hawke. Farrell plays factory worker Doug Quaid who is suffering from violent nightmares and begins to suspect that he’s a spy whose memory and personality were erased and replaced. Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium, Salt), Mark Bomback (Loive Free or Die Hard, Unstoppable) and James Vanderblit (Zodiac) have written the screenplay. Neal Moritz (The Fast & the Furious, I Am Legend) and Toby Jaffe (Blue Streak, Rock Star) are producing the project. Wiseman has previously collaborated with composer Marco Beltrami on his last two directorial features Live Free and Die Hard and Underworld Evolution.  The original 1990 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger featured a score by Jerry Goldsmith, which is widely being considered one of the late composer’s strongest efforts of the 90’s. The remake of Total Recall is scheduled to be released on August 3, 2012 by Sony Pictures. For updates on the film, visit the official movie website.

Coming up next for the composer is the animated feature Arthur Christmas. The movie already opened in the UK last weekend and is landing in theaters stateside next week. Visit our previous article to find out more about the project and its soundtrack release.