A project that somehow slipped under our radar is the documentary Jig, which opened in the UK last weekend. The film’s score is by Patrick Doyle whose music can currently been heard in Kenneth Branagh’s comic book adaption of Thor. Jig tells the story of the 40th Irish Dancing World Championships. The documentary directed and produced by Sue Bourne was given access for the very first time to the little known world of competitive Irish Dancing. Doyle’s Music was written for a small ensemble, including violin, guitar and flute. No information on a soundtrack release is available. For more information on the BBC Scotland production, watch the trailer below and visit the official movie website and Facebook page. The movie is currently playing in select theaters in the UK. A theatrical release in the US is planned for July.

Doyle has also scored the new short film Sarajevo, which has been submitted to various film festivals. The short is set in the history department of a modern comprehensive and follows the main character as she prepares a farewell speech for the retiring head master. To watch the beginning of the film, click here. As previously reported, Doyle also has the sci-fi prequel Rise of the Planet of the Apes and next year’s Pixar feature Brave coming up.