Aaron Zigman (The Notebook, Bridge to Terabithia, John QSex and the City, The Proposal, Escape from Planet EarthWakefieldThe Ugly Truth) has signed on to score the upcoming limited series Truth & Conviction. The show is co-written and directed by Matt Whitaker (Saints & Soldiers), Ethan Vincent and stars Rupert Evans and Ewan Horrocks. The 4-part drama centers on Helmuth Hübener, a teenager who led a resistance group with his two friends during World War II in Hamburg, Germany. Russ Kendall (Winter Thaw), John Foss (Strong Enough) and Jon Erwin (I Can Only Imagine, I Still Believe) are executive producing the Angel Studios and Kaleidoscope Pictures production. Truth & Conviction is currently in production and is expected to premiere in early 2025. (Variety)

Zigman also continues to score Max’s And Just Like That..., which has been renewed for a third season.