Lakeshore Records will release the first soundtrack album for the CBS drama Fire Country. The album features selections of the original score from the show’s first season composed by Fil Eisler (Outer Banks, RevengeEmpire, Thunder Force, UnReal, The Titan, Fast Charlie, Superintelligence). The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, February 23 and will be available to stream/download on all major digital music services, including Amazon. Check out the composer’s main theme below. Fire Country is is created by Max Thieriot, Joan Rater & Tony Phelan and stars Thieriot himself, Kevin Alejandro, Stephanie Arcila, Jordan Calloway, Diane Farr, Jules Latimer and Billy Burke. The series follows a young convict seeking redemption and a shortened prison sentence by joining a prison release firefighting program in Northern California. The show, which first premiered in 2022, just returned for its second season earlier last week and currently airs Friday nights on CBS.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Fire Country Main Theme (2:24)
2. Edgewater Redemption (feat. Cameron Stone & Luanne Homzy) (2:31)
3. Forest Fire (feat. Cameron Stone & Luanne Homzy) (2:30)
4. Secondary Slide (3:09)
5. Where’s Bode (feat. Cameron Stone & Luanne Homzy) (2:38)
6. How Long (feat. Cameron Stone & Luanne Homzy) (3:16)
7. We’ll Find Her (2:11)
8. Powerlines (1:33)
9. Four Years (2:48)
10. Pick It Up (3:12)
11. A Room Full of People (2:48)
12. Cut the Line (1:28)
13. Parole (feat. Cameron Stone & Luanne Homzy) (2:14)
14. Tell Me What You Know (feat. Brady Cohan) (2:44)
15. What Happened That Day (5:02)
16. One More Broken Promise (2:07)
17. Don’t Go in There (1:31)
18. Hustle (2:59)
19. Is This What You Want Bode (2:07)
20. Give Yourself a Break (feat. Brady Cohan) (1:21)