Premiering on Thursday, August 31, is the Netflix original series One Piece developed by Matt Owens & Steven Maeda based on the manga of the same name and starring IƱaki Godoy, Emily Rudd, Mackenyu and Taz Skylar. The show’s original music is composed by Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli (The Witcher, The Mist, The Thing About Pam, Sacred Lies). Netflix Music has already released a first score track (Wealth Fame Power) and a first song (My Sails Are Set feat. AURORA) over the last two weeks and will release a full soundtrack album this coming week. The fantasy series will be available to stream on Netflix.

Also premiering on Thursday is the Netflix interactive special Choose Love directed by Stuart McDonald and starring Laura Marano, Avan Jogia, Scott Michael Foster, Jordi Webber, Megan Smart, Benjamin Hoetjes, Nell Fisher and Blair Strang. Gabriel Mann (A Million Little Things, Modern Family, Better Nate Than Never, Rectify, Rectify, Tiny Beautiful Things) has composed the movie’s original score. Check out our previous article for more information about the romantic comedy, which will be available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

Premiering on Friday, September 1, is the horror thriller Perpetrator written and directed by Jennifer Reeder and starring Kiah McKirnan, Alicia Silverstone, Melanie Liburd, Christopher Lowell, Ireon Roach, Sasha Kuznetsov, Casimere Jollette and Greta Stolte. The film’s original music is composed by Nick Zinner (Knives and Skin, White Lightnin’, The Fourth Dimension). The movie, which follows a teenager who gains supernatural abilities through a mystical transformation, just as girls from her new school go missing, premiered at this year’s Berlin Film Festival and will be available to stream exclusively on Shudder.