Netflix Music has released a soundtrack album for the streamer’s Italian original series I Hate Christmas (Odio il Natale). The album features selections of the show’s original score composed by Michele Braga (Dogman, Freaks Out, Rose Island, Shadows) & Emanuele Bossi (Strangeness, Luna Park, Una famiglia perfetta). Also included are songs by Bea Sanjust and Marco Guazzone. The soundtrack is now available to stream/download here, where you can also check out audio samples. I Hate Christmas is based on the Norwegian TV show Hjem til Jul and stars Pilar Fogliati, Beatrice Arnera, Fiorenza Pieri, Massimo Rigo, Sabrina Paravicini, Glen Blackhall and Alessio Pratico’. The comedy revolves around a single nurse who – after lying to her family about having a boyfriend – begins a desperate search to find a partner by Christmas, which is just 24 days away. The series premiered last Wednesday and is now available to stream on Netflix.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. I Hate Xmas – Marco Guazzone (2:39)
2. Jumping Game (1:57)
3. My Style (1:08)
4. I Don’t Need a Boyfriend to be Happy (2:13)
5. Bianco Natale – Bea Sanjust (1:54)
6. Men for Christmas (2:02)
7. Papparipaio (1:22)
8. Amaca Comedy (0:38)
9. Mr. President (3:12)
10. Un Natale Manouche (1:57)
11. C’è speranza per tutti (0:59)
12. Distant Pipes  (1:40)
13. Gianna e gli uomini (1:16)
14. The Pam Pam Song  (1:45)
15. Still Alive (1:48)
16. Be Gentle With Me (3:16)
17. Tema Di Gianna (2:19)
18. The Last Time You Had Sex? (1:12)
19. Shalalala (1:19)
20. Happy Xmas (1:10)
21. I Have the Right One (1:04)
22. Tema Di Gianna Pt. 2  (2:19)
23. Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle – Bea Sanjust (2:23)
24. Pills (2:39)

  1. Clive Barnden says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable story, an amusing tale just right for Christmas, nicely set in Venice, with good production and great backing music tracks. And I loved the unexpected ending!