Composer and music producer Keefus Ciancia (Killing EveLondon Spy, Nashville, The Fall, DianaThe Motel Life) will release a two-volume soundtrack for the HBO Max original series Made for Love. The Volume 1 album features Ciancia’s original music from the show’s first four episodes and will be released digitally tomorrow, April 2 by Paramount Music (click here to stream/download the soundtrack). Listen to a first track after the jump. A second volume featuring the composer’s score from the final four episodes of the first season is set to come out on April 15. Made for Love is based on Alissa Nutting’s novel of the same title and stars Cristin Milioti, Billy Magnussen, Dan Bakkedahl, Noma Dumezweni, Augusto Aguilera and Ray Romano. The comedy follows a 30-something woman on the run after 10 years in a suffocating marriage who discovers that her husband has implanted a monitoring device in her brain, allowing him to track and watch her as she tries to regain her independence. The Paramount Television production is premiering today exclusively on HBO Max.

Here’s the track list of the Volume 1 album:

1. Made For Love
2. Morning Rise
3. Nap Time
4. Pit Stop
5. Supermarket Sweep
6. Welcome To The Hub
7. Users One
8. Hide And Seek
9. Escape From The Goon
10. Twin Sands
11. He Can See You
12. Get Out Of My Head

Ep. 2
13. Where’s The Plane
14. I Left
15. Hazel & Byron
16. Where’s Herbert?
17. Red Line Arousal
18. Ride Night
19. Stealing Diane
20. User One Has Landed

Ep. 3
21. Hazel’s Escape
22. Let Me Love You
23. No More Talking

Ep. 4
24. Watching Hazel
25. Meet Cute
26. First Date
27. Bangles Returns
28. Drinking Beer
29. She’ll Live Here
30. Marry Me
31. Trap For Love (Love Can Twist You)