MVA Audio will release a soundtrack album for the documentary Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones. The album features Brian Jones-related songs by Dick Taylor & The Red Squirls, Alabama 3, The Primadonna Reeds, The Proper Ornaments, among others. Also included is a track by the film’s composer John Roome (One in the Chamber, Dead Sea, Chariot). The soundtrack will be released digitally this coming Friday, June 12 and is now available for pre-order here. A vinyl edition is also coming out on the same date and is available to order on Amazon. Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones is directed by Danny Garcia and explores the rise of Brian Jones who emerged as “the face” and poster boy of the Bohemian Swingin’ London scene, topping the charts with The Rolling Stones and dating model/actress Anita Pallenber, as well as his untimely death. The documentary will be released on DVD on June 12.

Here’s the album track list:

1. 1969 – The Proper Ornaments
2. Ain’t Nothing Here to Change My Mind – Greg ‘Stackhouse’ Prevost
3. Edith Groove – Dick Taylor & The Red Squirls
4. Dusted – Ray ‘Sonic’ Hanson’s Whores of Babylon
5. Riding the Dog – Deadbeat Poets
6. The Path of the Meeting – J.M. Baule
7. 14a Chestnut St. – Dick Taylor & The Red Squirls
8. Tighten It Rough – Steve Hooker
9. Brian – John Perry
10. (I’ll Never Be) Satisfied – Alabama 3
11. Brian Jones (The Real True Leader of The Rolling Stones) – The Bermondsey Joyriders
12. Glitter Girl – The Primadonna Reeds
13. Muddy Waters – John Roome