Air-Edel has announced a duo of compilation albums entitled Fresh Air… Breathe In and Fresh Air… Breathe Out through their label Besant Hall Records.  The album features music from Air-Edel’s worldwide roster of composers and artists, including Patrick Doyle (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Thor, Cinderella), Dario Marianelli (Atonement, Pride and Prejudice), Cliff Eidelman (Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, Christopher Columbus: The Discovery), Lisa Gerrard (Gladiator, Whale Rider), Drum & Lace (Dickinson, Good Girls), Michael J. McEvoy (Finding Your Feet, Me and Orson Welles), James T. Sale (Saint Judy, Return to Zero), Ben Bartlett (Walking with Dinosaurs) among others, and consist of both pre-existing, unreleased tracks and new works composed specifically for the albums, which were created in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The albums are now available across all digital platforms, with proceeds from the album sales, downloads and streams benefiting the arts and health not-for-profit organization Breathe Arts Health Research.Visit Amazon to stream/download the Fresh Air… Breathe In album and click here for the Fresh Air… Breathe Out album.

Here’s the track list of the Fresh Air… Breathe In album:

1. Château Ferguson – Patrick Doyle (feat. Thomas Gould)
2. Crépuscule – Christopher Barnett (feat. Joni Amelia Fuller)
3. The Way – Tunde Jegede
4. Song For Us – Philip Selway
5. Odalisque – Drum & Lace
6. Cherry Blossoms – Roshan Gunga
7. Walks Through Stormont – Andrew Simon McAllister
8. Americana – Pete Blyth
9. Climb For Peace – James T. Sale
10. One Shall Stand – Snow Owl (feat. Rusanda Panfill)
11. Song for Rita – Michael Reola
12. On Point – James Orr
13. Love Finds A Way – Billy Goodrum

Here’s the track list of the Fresh Out… Breathe Out album:

1. Home Is By Your Side – Zero VU
2. Rising Up – Cliff Eidelman
3. Cycles – Theo Vidgen (feat. Natalie Klouda)
4. Washed Away – Lisa Gerrard
5. Impressions No. 25 Vol. 1 – Kurt Oldman
6. Galactic Lovepoem – Dario Marianelli (feat. Augustin Prunell-Friends)
7. Stillness and Being Reprised – Michael J. McEvoy (feat. Gerard Presencer & Jazzie B)
8. A Grain of Hope – Philip Pope (feat. Anna Markland)
9. Life Holds – Ale Marti
10. Western Whistle – Steve Isles
11. Italiano Master – Ben Bartlett
12. Brave – Stuart Hancock, Body & Soul (feat. The Shapshot Songs Choir and DrumHeads)