planet-earth-iiSilva Screen Records will release a soundtrack album for the BBC Earth documentary series Planet Earth. The album features the show’s main theme composed by Hans Zimmer (GladiatorThe Dark KnightPirates of the Caribbean, The Lion KingInceptionInterstellar), as well as the series’ original music written by Jacob Shea (Through the WormholeSparks) and Jasha Klebe (Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom) for Bleeding Fingers Music. The soundtrack will be released on November 11, 2016 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon, where you can also listen to audio samples. Planet Earth II is narrated by David Attenborough, executive produced by Michael Gunton (Hidden Kingdoms, Life), produced by Tom Hugh-Jones (Planet Life) and explores the unique characteristics of Earth’s most iconic habitats and the extraordinary ways animals survive within them. The 6-part series will premiere next month in the UK on BBC and in the U.S. in early 2017 on BBC America.

Here’s the album track album:

CD 1:

1. Planet Earth II Suite

2. The Sloth
3. Home To Dragons
4. Albatross Dance
5. Razor Snakes Vs Iguanas
6. Chinstrap Penguins

7. Singing Indri
8. Competing Hummingbirds
9. Life In The Canopy
10. Jungle Weather
11. Night Crawlers
12. World Of Bioluminescence
13. Wilson’s Bird-Of-Paradise
14. Something Worth Protecting

15. Life Without Water
16. Monsoon Deserts – Canyonlands
17. Lions Vs Giraffe
18. The Butcher Bird
19. Wild Horses
20. Desert Nightlife – Golden Mole
21. Long-Eared Bat Vs Scorpion
22. Early Morning Fog

CD 2:

1. Roof Of The World
2. Peaks of North America
3. The Ibex
4. The Himalayas
5. Flight Over Alps
6. Ice Skating Flamingos
7. Dancing Bears
8. Tenacious Bobcat
9. Garden Of Ice
10. Snow Leopards
11. Savage Beauty

12. Nomadic Life
13. Hunting Buffalo Herds
14. The Okavango
15. Carmine Bee Eaters
16. Industrious Insects
17. The Great Migration

18. The Unnatural Habitat
19. Langurs Of Jodhpur
20. Temple Gardens
21. Market Thieves
22. Illuminated
23. City Skylines
24. Starlings
25. Toronto Raccoons
26. We Are The Designers
27. Epilogue

  1. ubirajara says:

    Zimmer? OH, COME ON!

    A few years ago, these things were mostly scored by talented people like George Fenton, not by generic RC composers which will make everything to sound like Inception.

    • Justin Boggan says:

      If you had bothered to read the article, Zimmer only did the theme.

      • ubirajara says:

        I think it was you who didn’t bothered to read my comment.

        If you did. you would see that I said “generic RC composers” (in plural), referring not to Zimmer himself, but to those other dudes who will score the series.

        I think I should decorate their names by now, after all, they’ll be doing the scores for future Transformers/Batman/super-hero/blockbusters in general on the next few years.

        • Justin Boggan says:

          I read your comment. I can quote your comment. It only references Zimmer. You’ve probably never even seen these two composer’s names and you’re already assuming they’re generic RC composers? There aren’t even samples in this article.

          Bullcrap alert!

          • ubirajara says:

            I won’t discuss this, because, judging for your comment, you get really upset when someone says mean things about a composer you love. It’s hurtful, I know.

            But, wheter you believe me or not, I was referring not to Zimmer on the second line of my first comment, but to the other dudes. And, judging by the parameters established by people like Balfe and Jablonsky, I don

          • ubirajara says:

            *I don’t expect the next Jerry Goldsmith to come from Remote Control, so, my expectations are very low.

            But maybe I’m wrong and this score will be great, right?

    • Jeff Lunt says:

      The man makes things better on earth. You post nasty comments like you’ve done something. Have you? Or is this what you aspire to…running around to various web sites and making whaa whaaa.

  2. Enough with the Remote Control hate it’s getting old. If you don’t want it then don’t listen to it. Don’t judge Zimmer for being Zimmer.

    • ubirajara says:

      Why stop it? It’s so fun! Especially when Zimmer’s fanboys come whining and crying. You should try it one day, believe me.

      • Francois says:

        Yeah and you’re part of the same guys who come whining and crying all the time about Zimmer… Keep complaining about Zimmer or RCP… you d’ont like him, sorry for you, he’s not done with movie scores..

  3. SDH says:

    I wonder if that suite at the beginning is the tune Hans Zimmer wrote himself for this.

  4. Tim, says:

    I think Steven Price would have done perfectly on this. He did a stunning score on The Hunt.

  5. Tim, says:

    I think the difference between Hans Zimmer and George Fenton is that Fenton uses quite alot of woodwinds while Zimmer prefers alot of strings.

  6. David Griffith says:

    The background music was so loud I gave up and changed to channel. It was a disaster the running documentary could hardly be heard. I kept turning the volume up and down. An insult to the program.

    • Mpa says:

      I never had this problem, all TV’s are different. Check your audio settings..

  7. Lidia Pini says:

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