Walt Disney Records will release the official soundtrack album for the biographical sports drama Young Woman and the Sea. The album features the film’s original score composed by Amelia Warner (Mr. Malcolm’s List, Mary ShelleyWild Mountain ThymeMum’s List). The soundtrack will be released digitally tomorrow, May 31 and will be available to stream/download here. Also listen to two tracks from the composer’s score below and click here to check out the project’s music team credits. Young Woman and the Sea is directed by Joachim Rønning and stars Daisy Ridley, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Stephen Graham, Christopher Eccleston, Kim Bodnia and Glenn Fleshle. The movie is based on the book of the same title by Glenn Stout and tells the true story of Trudy Ederle, an accomplished swimmer who – through the steadfast support of her older sister and her trainers – overcame adversity of a patriarchal society to rise through the ranks of the Olympic swimming team and became the first woman to successfully swim the English Channel. The drama is being released in theaters nationwide this weekend by Walt Disney Pictures.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Sisters (2:19)
2. Trudy Survives (2:44)
3. First Race (2:23)
4. Free Spirit (1:35)
5. Sisters Race the Australians (3:42)
6. Winning Montage (1:15)
7. 1924 Olympic Races (1:11)
8. My Hero Was You (1:18)
9. The Channel Plan (2:35)
10. Swim to Penners (2:31)
11. Travel to the Channel (0:54)
12. First Attempt (1:51)
13. Wolfe’s Sabotage (2:20)
14. Reaction to Failure (1:42)
15. Family Arrives (1:02)
16. Trudy Escapes (2:05)
17. We Go to England or Die Trying (1:49)
18. Jellyfish (3:01)
19. Swim Trudy Swim (1:48)
20. Entering the Shallows (3:31)
21. Lost in the Shallows (4:35)
22. Distant Lights (1:57)
23. Beach Celebration (3:40)
24. Triumphant Return (2:19)
25. Gertrude Ederle’s Legacy (1:33)