Hangzhou Yuyinniaoniao Culture Media Co. has released a soundtrack album for the Chinese sports drama Ping Pong: The Triumph (aka Ping-Pong of China). The album features the film’s original score composed by Andrew Kawczynski (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Eight Hundred, Sky Hunter, The Corrupted). Lorne Balfe (Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Black Widow, Top Gun: Maverick, His Dark Materials) has contributed the main theme. Also included is the “promotional” song The Road to Glory by LuHan. The soundtrack was released in China in January and is now available to stream/download in most major U.S. digital music stores, including Amazon. Ping Pong: The Triumph is directed by Chao Deng & Baimei Yu and stars Deng Chao as Cai Xinhua, the man entrusted with forming a new national table tennis team who inspired and rallied a motley crew to rise to their best against the face of competition during the championships. The drama had its first preview screenings in China last month before its nationwide opening this weekend and is also being released in select U.S. theaters today by China Lion.

Here’s the track list of the album:

1. The Road to Glory – LuHan (4:33)
2. Main Theme – Lorne Balfe (2:35)
3. All Roads Lead to Rome (1:44)
4. Alley Confrontation (1:21)
5. Years of Defeat (2:26)
6. My Choice (1:40)
7. Coach Campaign – Lorne Balfe & Andrew Kawczynski (2:16)
8. Selecting the National Team (1:42)
9. Am I Qualified Enough (1:05)
10. Player Introductions (1:19)
11. Boys Will Be Boys (1:17)
12. Containing the Press (1:08)
13. Rejoining the Team (1:39)
14. Discussing Tactics (1:21)
15. Player Coercion (1:11)
16. Understanding Your Competitor (2:55)
17. Best Interests (1:49)
18. Far from Home (1:56)
19. We Train for Each Other – Lorne Balfe & Andrew Kawczynski (3:06)
20. The World Championships (3:20)
21. Under Pressure (1:27)
22. Game Over (2:51)
23. Words to Be Realized (2:32)
24. Depths of Competition (3:33)
25. This Guy (3:33)
26. One More Point – Lorne Balfe & Andrew Kawczynski (1:23)
27. Inspiring a Nation – Lorne Balfe & Andrew Kawczynski (2:52)

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