Enjoy the Ride Records has announced the world premiere soundtrack release for the documentary The Last Blockbuster. The album features the film’s original score composed by Dave Trichter and Steve Soboslai of Punchline, as well as songs Punchline and Wordburglar and covers of Kiss Me and All Star. The soundtrack is now available to order as a limited vinyl andĀ cassette tape edition (in several different variants) on the label’s official website. The Last Blockbuster is directed by Taylor Morden, produced by Zeke Kamm and follows the manager of the last Blockbuster as she struggles to keep the store open and reveals why Blockbuster corporate really went out of business. The movie, which features interviews with Kevin Smith, Jamie Kennedy, Doug Benson, among others, was released on VOD in 2020 by 1091 Pictures and is now available also available to purchase on DVD and to stream on Netflix.

Here’s the track list of the album:

Side A:
1. Rental Patient – Wordburglar
2. One of Those Nights – The Blockbusters
3. All Star – The Last Blockbuster Band
4. Kiss Me – The Last Blockbuster Band
5. Honey This Is Nothing New – Punchline
6. The Last Blockbuster – Andres

Side B (Original Score):
1. Reveal – Dave Trichter
2. Matinee – Dave Trichter
3. Popcorn – Dave Trichter
4. Miami Eyes – Steve Soboslai
5. Stick on the Floor – Dave Trichter
6. Fantasize – Dave Trichter
7. Bounce – Steve Soboslai
8. Between The Seats – Dave Trichter
9. Make it a Blockbuster Night – Dave Trichter
10. 80s Night – Dave Trichter
11. The Last Blockbuster Theme – Dave Trichter
12. The Last Kernel – Dave Trichter