22D Music has released a soundtrack album for the animated feature The Summit of the Gods (Le sommet des dieux). The album features the film’s original music composed by Amine Bouhafa (TimbuktuThe Man Who Sold His SkinBeauty and the Dogs, Gagarine, A Son). Visit Amazon or any other major digital music services to stream/download the soundtrack and to check out audio samples. The Summit of the Gods is directed by Patrick Imbert and features the voices of Lazare Herson-Macarel, Éric Herson-Macarel, Damien Boisseau, Elisabeth Ventura and Kylian Rehlinger. The movie centers on a photojournalist’s obsessive quest for the truth about the first expedition to Mt. Everest that leads him to search for an esteemed climber who went missing. The animated adventure premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and has just been released in select U.S. theaters this past Wednesday before premiering on November 30 on Netflix.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Mallory’s Legacy (2:05)
2. Fading In the Snow – Amine Bouhafa & Etsuko Chida (3:43)
3. Habu’s Farewell (2:40)
4. Looking for Habu (1:44)
5. The Rope – Amine Bouhafa & Etsuko Chida (3:15)
6. Ghost of a Child (4:22)
7. The Mountain Call (3:58)
8. Rambling in the Mountain (2:23)
9. Alone on the Wall (3:03)
10. Through the Khumbu Valley (2:52)
11. An Icefall Journey (4:10)
12. Feeling the Heights (2:35)
13. The Storm (3:06)
14. Finding Mallory (2:37)
15. The Summit (3:56)
16. Epilogue (2:51)