T For Tunes has released a soundtrack album for the Dutch Netflix original film Ferry. The album features the original music from the movie composed by Audiotheque. Also included are tracks by Raveyeards, Hein Heinz, Reisac feat. Jiheavy & others. Visit Amazon or any other major digital music service to stream/download the soundtrack and to check out audio samples. Ferry is directed by Cecilia Verheyden and stars Frank Lammers, Elise Schaap who reprise their characters of Ferry and Danielle from the Undercover TV series. Huub Stapel, Monic Hendrickx, Raymond Thiry, Maarten Heijmans and Yannick van de Velde are co-starring in the movie, which takes place before Ferry built a drug empire and as he returns to his hometown on a revenge mission that finds his loyalty tested. The film is premiering today exclusively on Netflix.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Ride The Past – Raveyards (2:22)
2. Spare Him (2:57)
3. D.N.O.T.S. (2:52)
4. Midnight Shutter (4:14)
5. Roots (2:08)
6. Populos (Movie Edit) – Raveyards (7:12)
7. Care (0:58)
8. Life Ends (1:01)
9. 2Kill (1:38)
10. De Laatste Dans – Hein Heinz (2:35)
11. Rampage (1:44)
12. Bongalow (feat. Audiotheque) – Floris De Decker (2:27)
13. Red Resting (0:51)
14. No Father No Sun (2:22)
15. Stay (1:23)
16. Portuguesa (feat. Jiheavy) – Reisac (4:08)
17. Rafaro (5:05)
18. Scott (feat. Audiotheque) – François De Meyer & Pieter De Meester (0:38)